International Colloque: "Did You Mean Halal? 
Islamic Normativities, Globalization and Secularization", Collège de France, Paris, 7-8 November 2013

The study of Islamic normative dynamics will be at the heart of this conference that will focus on ‘halal’ qualification / disqualification processes in all areas: how and by whom, for whom, for what reasons objects, discourses, practices can or are actually called "halal" or "haram"? What methods, institutions, arguments of Islamic legitimation / de-legitimation are used? What are the procedures for monitoring compliance with the standard and how and by whom are they developed or institutionalized?

The seven sessions will question the issues of qualification and disqualification through objects, practices, behaviours qualified as halal or haram in areas such as: food, matrimonial relationships , sexualities, finance, tourism etc. The selected contributions will cover different fields of social sciences and humanities, history and law, philosophy, they are based on empirical studies, survey, archival research, comparisons and syntheses that take a deconstructive perspective Presentation