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Conference: Islam and Democracy. Exploring the Strategies of Political Islam

The Cordoba Foundation NATIONAL CONFERENCE

ISLAM AND DEMOCRACY: Exploring the Strategies of Political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood's Contribution

On the back of a trending upsurge in interest and critique of political Islam following the Arab Spring, and particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, this timely conference seeks to unpick the nature and manifestation of political Islam in Britain today. The conference will principally explore whether the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is congruent with the values and principles of democracy; the orientation of the Brotherhood towards violence, extremism and radicalisation in Britain and abroad; the repressive measures targeting the group globally, and the increasing pressure placed on the political space by more extremist actors such as al-Qa'ida and ISIS.

Speakers (LATEST):

Leading academics, experts and scholars, including:

Prof. John Esposito – Georgetown University, USA

Prof. George Joffé – Kings College, London

Prof. Rosemary Hollis – City University

Prof. Yasin Aktay - Deputy Chairman, AK PartyTurkey

Jeremy Corbyn - MP for Islington North, London

Dr Maha Azzam – Egyptians Abroad for Democracy

Dr Anas Altikriti – The Cordoba Foundation

Dr Madawi Rashid – London School of Economics

Victoria Brittain – Former Associate Foreign Editor, The Guardian

Prof. Abdelwahab El-Affendi – Westminster University

Dr Barbara Zollner – Birkbeck, University of London

Mohammad Soudan – Freedom and Justice Party

Mona al-Qazzaz - Muslim Brotherhood

Oliver McTernan - Forward Thinkin

Dr Azzam Tamimi - Al-Hiwar TV

Prof. Jeffrey Haynes - London Metropolitan University

Dr Daud Abdullah - Middle East Monitor

Toby Cadman - Nine Bedford Row, London

Dr Omar el-Hamdoon - Muslim Association of Britain

Thu 12 February, 2015 10am-5pm

Holiday Inn London - Kensington Forum 97 Cromwell Road, London SW7 4DN

Nearest tube: Gloucester Road. Registration:tcfconf.eventbrite.co.uk Information:




Cfp: Global Halal

Global Halal

An International Conference on Muslims and the Cultural Politics of the Permissible

February 19-21, 2015

Michigan State University

East Lansing, Michigan

Global Halal is an international conference organized by the Muslim Studies Program at Michigan State University in partnership with the UK-based Muslim, Trust and Cultural Dialogue Program. The conference topic addresses a range of cultural, economic and political concerns associated with the principle of halal, especially in relation to contemporary food, banking, and lifestyle. Often associated with Muslim dietary practices, the concept of halal applies to that which is permissible to Muslims and serves as one of the key ethical concepts in Islamic theological doctrines. Yet as with any religious principle, concepts like halal and its antithesis haram, are subject to interpretation and variation, especially in the contemporary global era. Muslim practices today are conditioned by a wide-range of technological and contextual influences that raise many questions about what constitutes halal. While the term halal refers to all that is permitted, its specific associations with Islamic restrictions underscore the cultural politics of religious practices at a time of growing awareness among Muslims of the ethics of consumption, the diversity of cultural values, the changing nature of interpersonal relations, and the globalization of financial interactions.

In the majority Muslim regions of the world, halal is embedded in daily life, but it nevertheless raises other issues, for example in regard to the rights of non-Muslim minorities. In contexts where Islam is the minority religion, adaptations of daily practices have been historically necessary to the establishment of Muslim communities. With the growing number of Muslims in Europe and North America, there has been increased demand for halal options, especially with regard to the availability and marketing of halal meats, which has caused some controversy in the United States, Britain, France, among other countries. These controversies illustrate the centrality of the halal concept in contemporary discussions of Muslimness, national belonging and ethics.

This conference will provide a forum for exploring the principle of halal within a global context, emphasizing the complexities of the permissible and the impermissible (haram).

Please send abstracts in MS Word or PDF format to the organizers at the following addresses: hassans3@msu.edu and khalilmo@msu.edu.

Abstracts should be no more than 200 words, and should include a title, correspondence address, and institutional affiliation. Deadline for receipt of abstracts is 1 November 2014.