Special issue: Religiously Oriented Parties and Democratization

Volume 20, Issue 5, 2013

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Introduction: religiously oriented parties and democratization

Luca Ozzano and Francesco Cavatorta

The many faces of the political god: a typology of religiously oriented parties

Luca Ozzano

The perils of polarization and religious parties: the democratic challenges of political fragmentation in Israel and Turkey

Sultan Tepe

Moderation through exclusion? The journey of the Tunisian Ennahda from fundamentalist to conservative party

Francesco Cavatorta and Fabio Merone

Refining the moderation thesis. Two religious parties and Indian democracy: the Jana Sangh and the BJP between Hindutva radicalism and coalition politics

Christophe Jaffrelot

Ahab and the white whale: the contemporary debate around the forms of Catholic political commitment in Italy

Alberta Giorgi

Religious parties in Chile: the Christian Democratic Party and the Independent Democratic Union

Juan Pablo Luna, Felipe Monestier and Fernando Rosenblatt

Religion and democratization in Northern Ireland: is religion actually ethnicity in disguise?

Eoin O'Malley & Dawn Walsh

Conclusion: reassessing the relation between religion, political actors, and democratization

Luca Ozzano & Francesco Cavatorta